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Uses of Rock Breakers

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The Hydraulic hammer generally called as Rock breaker is a powerful percussion hammer fitted to an excavator for demolishing jobs in the work site. Some of the uses of the rock breaker is mentioned below.

1. Rock mining without blasting
Using rock breakers for primary rock mining can enhance the productivity. By allowing continuous operations without interruption for the blasting and clearing lot of time is saved. Using rock breakers for primary rock mining can reduce the load on the primary crusher, as the preliminary reduction by the rock breaker itself. This will automatically increase the primary crusher output. And this will also allow for the flexible planning.
This method also yields more productivity as we can have control over grain size distribution and reducing the fines which is generated by blasting the rocks. This method is also environmental friendly by eliminating the blasting emissions. Using this method also improves safety by avoiding flying rocks.

Note: Primary mining with hydraulic breakers might be not feasible in every quarry.

2. Secondary Reduction
Whenever blasted rock is too big to be handled by loading equipment or the crusher, secondary reduction is required. Even with the most advance blasting techniques, it is inevitable that there will be oversize boulders, and these need to be broken as economically as possible. Juno Rock breakers can be used to reduce boulders in the rock pile or on the primary crusher.

3. Demolition
The hydraulic breakers manufactured by Juno Equipment’s are ideally suited to demolition tasks. Our Rock Breakers are made to run for long time without break. This means multi-shift operations can be done to meet tight deadlines. They are commonly used to break down concrete structures. Our rock breakers are silent when compared to others, this makes them more environmental friendly.

4. Other uses
The Hydraulic rock breaker can also be used for other operations such as tunnelling and Excavating & Trenching.

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